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Design Trends In The Office – Stanway Interiors

Office spaces are after all, office spaces; and there isn’t much you can do to design them creatively, right? Well, not really! Today, office space design is a growing field that evolves with each passing year. Gone are the days, when offices were no more than huge rooms lined with desks, flanked by cabins used by the senior management. Now office designers largely focus on more collaborative & open space themes. Take a look at the office design concepts that are trending in 2016:

  • The Open Office- Millennia’s prefer a collaborative work environment and traditional individual offices or cabins are almost passé. The open office plan concept has taken hold and a large percentage of offices in the UK as well as around the world, are now designed in this manner.

Google is one of the most notable companies that propagate this concept, and Facebook now plans to make workspace for around 2800 engineers in a single, massive 435,000 square feet room. This kind of design has its pros and cons and may not always work in every kind of setting; however it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

  • Lifestyle Amenities- This is one more notable transformation in office design. Many corporates and small businesses are now adding features such as outdoor spaces, lounges etc. and the work areas flow seamlessly into these break-out spaces. The idea behind this trend is to make the ambience of the office less stiff and formal, and lend it a casual edge that helps add to the productivity of the staff.
  • Upping the level of tech infrastructure– Regardless of the industry you operate in, the importance of technology can’t be overstated. Having said that, it’s crucial that office design should prioritise on infrastructure that will support the technology needs of its occupants. This means the access points should be well-placed, smart building technology should be incorporated into the office design and so on.
  • Green Building Practices- This is another trend that’s here to stay. Even as building construction goes the green way, office design concepts are now leaning towards making workplaces more energy-efficient. Natural lighting is given precedence over artificial lighting, and most office designers are now incorporating layered lighting concepts in their projects. Use of the right type of insulation and green furniture is increasingly becoming the focal point of office design.
  • Use of natural elements- Current day office designers are noticing a sea-change in the preferences of their clients and are going with the flow of making office spaces clutter-free, open and more comfortable for people working there. Water features and glass installations, natural plants and decorative features made of stone, are the main additions that help create an ambience that’s more conducive to work. Adding these elements adds freshness and an alive feel to the office interiors.

These design trends in the office keep the employees motivated and enthusiastic, focused and confident and it adds to their creativity too. When a workplace is more functional, inspiring and enjoyable, it ups the profitability of the company as well.

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