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How To Fit Out Your Office For 2020

If you take a peek into any modern office, especially in the bigger cities like London, you’ll probably see that it’s been fitted out a little differently to what you’d have expected a few years ago. From cubicles to beanbags, office design trends have changed drastically over recent years and this shows no sign of slowing down as we head into the new year. So let us take a look at how you can fit out your office to be bang on trend for the coming year.

Macro Trends

Unconventional Work Areas

The entry of millennials into the world of work and the trend of co-working that they subsequently brought with them has seen office spaces become less and less conventional in recent years. The traditional office cubicle has been replaced with open spaces that encourage employees to mingle and share ideas. A new year means this trend is going to be taken even further. You can expect to see offices fitted out with sofas, beanbags and even yoga mats, as a trend towards meditation spaces is also expected. The appeal for employers to establish their offices in such a manner that is to attract creative minds and the latest in young talent, by making the workplace unique and exciting.

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Dynamic Spaces

2020 will see an increase in the prevalence of dynamic spaces within the workplace. This is, in part, as a result of the sheer speed at which office layout ideas are evolving in the modern day. Dynamic spaces allow a huge amount of flexibility in the workplace. From team meetings to office parties; your office can adapt to be the perfect space for any occasion. Dynamic spaces are achieving by fitting your office with furniture on wheels, moveable dividers, whiteboards and so on.

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is going to be huge in 2020. It sounds like a scary and complicated term, but it essentially refers to human kind’s innate connection to nature and is scientifically proven to be an effective catalyst for employee productivity when put to use successfully within the workplace. The human brain is innately connected to nature and, because of this, spending multiple hours every day in an office can be draining and have a negative effect on productivity. Biophilic design

involves, not just putting a few plants in the office, but the use of textures, patterns and lighting that mimic nature in such a way that they have a positive effect on the human brain.

Micro Trends

Office Greenery

Cubicle walls have now been thrown out and, will be replaced with dividers made up entirely of greenery. For smaller offices who perhaps can’t afford, or don’t have space for, these huge dividers, existing walls can be given the green touch with the use of hanging baskets and plant-laden shelves. Adding greenery to your workspace can increase the productivity of your team as well as decrease the level of distractions that appear in the office.


Not what you expected? Well, as it was a popular craze it is now making a major comeback to interior ideas. Cement is going to be a huge office trend, on account of its simple, minimalist aesthetic composed of clean, smooth lines, as well as its toughness and versatility. The cement trend will see offices fitted out with cement floors, countertops, shelving, seating, sinks and so on. It’s also a fairly low-cost design tip, so it’d be really easy to adopt this on-trend, minimalist look in your workplace ready for the coming year.


Long was the reign of orchids as the go-to office plant, but they have now finally been replaced with the introduction of terrariums in the workplace which will evolve over the coming year. It has been on trend in home décor for a while, but next year they will start to appear in office environments too.

The benefit of these small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container in the workplace is their low-maintenance nature and space-saving size, both of which will see them explode in our offices. Bring in miniature gardens to add a more peaceful scenery to your workplace. Time to bring home office decorating ideas for small spaces!

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