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How Millennials are Changing Office Design

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Like every generation before them, millennials take pride in bucking the trends set for them by their ancestors. As the next generation, they represent the future of business, and their influence on this can already be seen spreading throughout office design. This is mirrored in various aspects of the modern-day office designs and layouts.

The biggest trend exhibited by millennials in the office is the manner in which they favour non-conventional workplaces. Gone are the days where every firm had a conservative, cubicle-based office.

Nowadays, every office is different and it has become increasingly important to firms that their office says something about them, whether it be portraying their company message, or reflecting their brand. There is no longer a “one size fits all” approach to office design.

However, the death of the office cubicle hasn’t come about simply because people decided it was boring. This has also occurred because millennials appear to favour office designs aimed at “collaborative working”. A few years ago, this concept would have been completely unheard of in most offices and its recent appearance has absolutely revolutionized the way in which modern offices are designed.

Office Design for Collaborative Working

Collaborative working, or “co-working” for short, has become quite the buzzword in office designers jargon, and it would seem that millennials have been the driving force behind this. Co-working actively encourages collaboration among employees, through teamwork and the sharing of ideas. Because of this, it is very rare nowadays that each employee will have their own office space, where they can lock themselves away and work on a project individually. Instead, offices today exhibit vast, open spaces with many people working together.

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There has also been an increase in communal spaces within offices. For example, it is common practice nowadays for offices to have lounge areas, where employees are encouraged to mingle, in a relaxed environment, to aid creativity and the freedom to exchange ideas and offer help or feedback on a project.

Office Design for Integrated Technology

Another undeniable shift that has occurred as a result of millennials in the office is the increase in integrated technology within the workplace. Millennials represent the first generation that has grown up completely surrounded by technology. Because of this, technology isn’t even considered to be a convenience to them. It is a necessity.

As a result, technology is present in every aspect of the modern workplace. This doesn’t stop at desktop computers and telephones on every desk, but an increase has been seen in the use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, too. The prominence of handheld technology, again, mirrors the shift to co-working. An employee no longer works in one location, at a desk, with one computer. Instead, devices such as tablets allow employees to move freely around the office, to show their co-workers what they’re working on.

office design changed by millennials
Technological advances such as this have also led to a less centralised office. Apps such as Skype mean that employees can hold conference calls from anywhere in the world, again showing an increased flexibility in the modern workplace.

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