Whistle-blower Policy Statement

We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of honesty, openness and accountability. Employees will often be the first to know when someone inside or connected with an organisation is undertaking illegal activities, or behaving in a dishonest or improper manner, but may feel apprehensive about voicing concerns. The Directors do not believe that it is in anyone’s interest for employees with knowledge of possible wrongdoing to remain silent.

This document sets out Stanway Interiors Limited’s policy and procedures by which individuals within the firm can report concerns and be sure that they are acted upon, whilst maintaining anonymity if the individual feels that this is in his/her best interest to remain so. This whistleblowing policy statement is intended to protect the Organisation’s reputation and good name, and act as a deterrent to fraud or any other serious malpractices.


Stanway Interiors Limited takes all malpractice very seriously, whether it is committed by an employee, Director, supplier, subcontractor, agent, customer or competitor.

This policy statement applies to all permanent and temporary employees, agents, agency staff, sub-contractors and selfemployed staff on site or within the office. It is intended to complement statutory protection and, for the avoidance of doubt, statutory rights will not be affected in any way by this policy.

The following examples demonstrates what is meant by serious malpractice:

  • Fraud, corruption, bribery or other malpractice which could lead to a financial loss to the Organisation or is expressly prohibited under law.
  • Criminal offences such as theft, drug taking or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Breaches relating to the accuracy or integrity of the Organisation’s financial statements.
  • Failure to comply with legal obligations
  • Actions which are intended to conceal any of the above.

Any stakeholders who become aware of any such activities or other possible malpractices are encouraged to follow the procedures et out below. It will not always be clear that a particular action falls within one of these categories and some level of judgement is required. Where doubt exists, stakeholders are encouraged to undertake reporting action and allow the Whistleblower to conduct an investigation if this is deemed necessary.

Procedures How do I make a report?

Stakeholders can make a report orally, via telephone, via email or in letter form.

This may be made to your immediate Line Manager or contact. Alternatively, you may email Penny Ford, the designated Whistleblower on email info@stanwayinteriors.co.uk, or contact the office on telephone number 0203 033 0041.

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